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From one Castle to another


Length: 10.5 km - Difference in altitude: 250 m uphill / 400 m downhill - Duration (including breaks): 6 hours

More info:

There are paths lost since walking only on foot. This excursion runs along the "road", now a path, which from the suburb of Vetriolo led to Castel Cellesi and then to San Michele in Teverina and which has remained motionless over time, identical to fifty years ago. After a few hundred meters, in fact, you no longer meet modern settlements, not even with your eyes, but you move in a landscape of undulating hills, stone farmhouses and orchards returned to nature. And the time travel continues backwards, with the tiny chapel with chests and doilies, the fields cultivated by an elderly man, a stream that declines in cascades in the "scrubland", an abandoned hazel grove. We will then take the road to San Michele, crossing a wood, which has remained intact for the last hundred years and which reveals the signs of the crops it has hosted, until we reach the village and enjoy a rich aperitif based on km0 products


The excursion takes place entirely on country paths, gravel roads and in a small part through the villages. Some climbs are a bit steep and the ground may be muddy and slippery.



Trekking shoes

noun_trekking poles_1641158.png

Trekking poles

Water (at least 1 lt)



Piazza Castello, San Michele in Teverina.

Contact the guides of the Urban Forest association to arrange dates and times of your excursions.


Mattia:  327 7868916

Marta:  393 2220518

Mattia:  327 7868916

Mattia:  327 7868916

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