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“Thus it was that for a long time I thought this village where I had not been born was the whole world. Now that I have really seen the world and know that it is made up of a whole lot of little villages, I am not sure that I was far wrong when I was a boy”

(The Moon and The Bonfires by Cesare Pavese)



Like all semi-depopulated Italian villages, San Michele in Teverina is characterized by the presence of numerous abandoned houses, or second homes not used by the owners.

The Borgo Diffuso project aims to recover and transform these homes into accomodation activities.



The members of the San Michele community take care of the management of the buildings, while the local associations have the task of organizing and managing the activities that the guests of the structures can do during their stay.


This particular organizational form aims at a sustainable development of the local economy, and at the creation of a tourist model aimed at promoting the territory.




Among the activities carried out by the Borgo Diffuso of San Michele there is the organization of events of various kinds, aimed at raising funds to be reinvested in the area (e.g. arrangement of routes in the Valle dei Calanchi, construction of picnic areas etc. ..).

These interventions, which involve the community from fundraising to the realization of the works, aim to offer new services to increase the local tourist offer.

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The Borgo Diffuso project was born from the desire to give life to new dynamics of local development, sustainable and in harmony with the territory and with the community. Profit therefore does not represent a goal, but a means to achieve a much more important purpose, to protect our territory and support the local community.

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