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1. Contact OBE

After booking your stay in our facilities, contact the organizers of the Orvieto Bike Experince project .


We offer you some routes that you can tackle during your stay. Book your bike and go on an adventure! *

1. Choose your path and select it.


2. Download the BikeMap application on your smartphone.


3. Let yourself be guided through the paths of a territory to be discovered!

OBE contacts:

Massimo:  329 981 9440


Below you can find the costs for renting E-bikes and traditional bikes. If you wish to receive one or more bikes at your Borgo Diffuso facility, you must guarantee a minimum rental of 1 day.

esterno 2.jpg
bici 3.jpg

E-bike City

boco 2.jpg

Muscolari City

bici 1.jpg

E-bike Turismo

boco 4.jpg

Muscolari Turismo

Terms of payment:

You can pay in cash when the bikes are delivered to you; or also by bank transfer (payable to Massimo Lucarelli, IBAN n ° IT38S0200825702000104193580, with the reason "rental Bike Borgo Diffuso")

Book your tour:

You can also ask the Orvieto Bike Experience staff to organize a tour for you to discover the scenic beauty and food and wine products of our area! Contact the Ciclostile workshop cycle to request all information.

Orvieto Bike Experience and Ciclostile:

Orvieto Bike Experience is a project born with the aim of starting a promotion of the territory starting from two wheels. It gives the possibility to rent bikes of various kinds (e-bikes or traditional) according to your needs, and also organizes tours in the company of expert guides, who will accompany you to the most beautiful places in our area. The project was conceived and implemented by members of the Cico Officina Ciclostile, based in Orvieto.


Ciclostile is much more than a simple cycle workshop. Ciclostile is a small ecosystem that thrives on culture, art, fabrics and, of course, cycling.

Inside you will discover a new way of telling the territory, based on sharing the passions that animate the members of this small magical reality.


* When choosing the route to be faced, consider that ours is a hilly area, with gradients in some very demanding points, and that usually the various models of e-bikes with pedal assistance have an autonomy of about 40/50 km.

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