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Full moon over the Cathedral and a roasted piglet

Technical data:

Length: 7 km - Difference in altitude: 250 m– Duration (breaks included): 4 hours

More info:

There is a moment, before the moon rises beyond the hill, where the Valley remains silent and motionless, as if time had stopped. The night has a different color, the animals do not make themselves heard and the landslides also stop moving. Then she gets up, white and round, and illuminates the Calanchi and the village of Civita di Bagnoregio with a butter-colored light, transforming the Earth into a lunar landscape. This moment will be the culmination of the afternoon excursion which, going up a beautiful white road in the woods, will take us to the plateau of the Crypt of Sant'Antonio. Before reaching the Crypt, the path will allow us to enjoy a long view of the Cathedral of Clay, the legendary ravine adorned with pinnacles and crests that stand among the clays. And there on the plateau, while we wait for the sunset and the rising of the moon, we will be able to enjoy a rustic dinner based on suckling pig cooked very slowly on site, bruschetta, cheeses, water and wine, all local products at km 0. After dinner, with the fide torches, we will resume the path, stopping to admire the Cathedral and the Badlands illuminated by the full moon, to reach the road, where we will end our alternative Saturday evening.


(For the cost of the dinner, ask for a quote. It varies according to the number of participants)


The hike is simple, but has some steep and slightly exposed points. Given the clayey nature of the soil, some points of the route are often muddy and slippery.



Trekking shoes

noun_trekking poles_1641158.png

Trekking poles

Water (at least 1 lt)


Trekking poles



Piazza Castello, San Michele in Teverina.

Contact the guides of the Urban Forest association to arrange dates and times of your excursions.


Mattia:  327 7868916

Marta:  393 2220518

Mattia:  327 7868916

Mattia:  327 7868916

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