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From San Michele to the Crypt of S. Antonio


Length: 12 km | Difference in altitude: 400 m ascent / 500 m descent | Duration (including breaks): 6 hours

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Time seems to stand still inside the rooms and the corridors of Castel San Michele. The Palace dates back to 1164 and was founded by Piero da Mugnano, from which the town originally took the name of Castel di Piero (Piero’s castle). Such as an island overlooking the Badlands valley, the castle can only be reached through a stone bridge, once a drawbridge.

The ancient palace was destroyed in 1523 in punishment and retaliation towards the new owners, the Baglioni family. It was later rebuilt by Count Alberto Baglioni on the foundations of the old palace, parallel to the adjacent Church of St Michael the Archangel. The Baglionis, descendants of the important Baglioni family from Perugia, owned the palace and the entire city of Castel di Piero during the city’s most glorious period. It was the Countess Virginia Baglioni who decided to build the balcony overlooking the main door and the terrace. Here,there is still her name engraved in a stone.


Staying in the Castle will make you feel like reliving the 600 years’story of San Michele village, among princes and princesses, important aristocratic families and power struggles. All within the setting of a place which has kept its authentic charm intact.

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The excursion is accessible to everyone, but is quite steep in some sections. The path crosses, in agreement with the owners, some private properties.



Trekking shoes

noun_trekking poles_1641158.png

Trekking poles

Water (at least 1 lt)



Piazza Castello, San Michele in Teverina.

Contact the guides of the Urban Forest association to arrange dates and times of your excursions.


Mattia:  327 7868916

Marta:  393 2220518

Mattia:  327 7868916

Mattia:  327 7868916

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