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and the terrace on Civita


Length: 8 km - Difference in altitude: 300 m - Duration (breaks included): 4 hours

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There are excursions that mix emotions and contact with nature, traditions and history of a place. This is one of those: from the small village of San Michele in Teverina, with its nineteenth-century castle, we will take the centuries-old path that, through the woods, leads to the end of the Valle dei Calanchi. Right here we will discover a forgotten badlands, lost in the mists of the last decades, and we will go up again to reach the natural terrace overlooking Civita di Bagnoregio and the entire valley. Arriving at sunset means enjoying the orange and gold light that floods the clays and the famous village perched on the tuff cliff, tinging this surreal landscape with pink. Here we will enjoy an aperitif with a view, before going back to walking through the last emotion: a short night that will allow us to experience the woods at the beginning of the night, before crossing the arch of access to San Michele and ending the evening .

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The excursion is accessible to all and takes place on a well-marked path. The climb of the ravine is a bit steep and concentrates almost all the difference in height, but the path has been secured with ladders. The bottom could be slippery. In case of rain the excursion cannot be carried out.



Trekking shoes

noun_trekking poles_1641158.png

Trekking poles

Water (at least 1 lt)



Piazza Castello, San Michele in Teverina.

Contact the guides of the Urban Forest association to arrange dates and times of your excursions.


Mattia:  327 7868916

Marta:  393 2220518

Mattia:  327 7868916

Mattia:  327 7868916

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